Cynthia Kania 


     Cynthia Kania




Kim Gola (commercial)

433 N. Camden Dr.

Beverly Hills, CA 90210





                        The Old Man’s Gold                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Tom Whitus





 USC Film School

 Stuart Gordon

                       Table for Five


 Rob Lieberman

                       One From the Heart

Lingerie Clerk

 Francis Coppola

                       Nothing in Common

Officer Kaye

 Garry Marshall

                       Bachelor Party


 Neal Israel

                       Friday the 13th, Pt. VI, Jason Lives


 Tom McLoughlin


Television (guest/co-star)

Criminal Minds                                CBS                                                 Joe Mantegna

Escaping Alaska                              TLC                                                 Hot Snakes Media

Having It All                                     ABC TV Movie                                 Ed Zwick

Murder of Innocence                       CBS TV Movie                                 Tom McGloughlin

Any Day Now                                   Lifetime                                             Arvin Brown

Days of Our Lives                             NBC

High Society                                     CBS                                                  Iris Dugow

Married With Children                      Fox-TV                                              Gerry Cohen

Designing Women                            CBS                                                  David Steinberg

Empty Nest                                        NBC                                                 Steve Zuckerman

Lois & Clark                                       ABC                                                  Jim Pohl

The New Twilight Zone                       CBS                                                 Gus Trikonis

Silver Spoons                                      NBC                                                Jack Shea

Theatre (partial)

Romeo & Juliet                                   Sister Lawrence                                  Mine is Yours Co, Abby Craden, dir.

Much Ado About Nothing                                Friar Francis                                       Theatricum Botanicum,dir Ellen Geer

Tone Clusters                                     Wife                                                    Theatricum Botanicum,dir Mike Peebler

                        Richard III                                               Duchess of York                                Theatricum Botanicum,dir Ellen Geer

                       Macbeth                                                        Doctor                                                Theatricum, dir. Ellen Geer

                    Edmond                                              Glenna 

                           Powerhouse, dir.Lionel Smith

                   Women Behind Bars                             Mary Eleanor

                    Natural Affection                                  Claire

                   How The Other Half Loves                  Teresa

                          The Roxy, Dir. Ron Link

                        Theatre 40, dir.Lorenzo DeStefano

                          Theatre 40, dir. Tom Henschel

                  Immaculate Heart                          Corita Kent Kent       

                  Bleacher Bums                                       Melody                

                          Theatre Theater,dir.Jeff Murray

                          Century City Playhouse,dir Joe Mantegna

Commercial List Available Upon Request,  

*Pillow Talk, Disney, - Dir. Joe Pitka, Cannes Silver Lion Award

Education and Training: 

Chicago -- W.H. Macy, Steven Schacter, David Mamet, Second City

L.A. -- Nina Foch, John Houseman, Bobby Lewis, Bill Esper, Hothouse Improv, Ellen Geer,

The Sport of Acting (Vinny Guastaferro), Stuart Robinson, Deb Barylski

University of Southern California – MFA Acting